Custom & Natural Photography


These images were captured at the Haleakala sunset. Yes it was cold. Reason being, you are only slightly above the 10,000-foot mark. Going from 80+ degrees to somewhere in the low 40s was enough to justify packing long pants and a coat. Let them laugh. They will lose the enamel.  Sunrise, though awe-inspiring was cold and wet, but left me without words.   Follow the link 


 I know this is supposed to be my profile, trouble is, I’m pretty boring. The places I wind up in are a lot  more interesting  

All of the images you will see on my sites are  captured through Canon equipment. Currently, I use the 40D & 50D bodies, with two basic lenses (70~200mm, 2.8, IS, plus1.4 tele converter & a 17~55mm 2.8 IS) .  99% of the images are through the 70~200.                     OR                     note the blog menu on the right. 


One response

  1. Curtis Blackburn

    Great pictures!! Isn’t nature beautiful!

    12/13/2010 at 22:40

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