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Random from my desk

Just when you think it is safe to cross the street.


Into the Swamp we Fall

One of my favorite places to play David Copperfield and take pictures. Th gators don’t even mind.  You travel 50 yards away from the shore  and it all looks the same. After spending as much as a day on more than one occasion paddling around looking for shore, any shore, I broke down and bought a handheld GPS unit. Life  was good. We even slipped through the swamps at night. It was awesome. Caution; be sure to bring batteries.

Eyes On You

When the insects pose for you, take advantage.

Sunny Side up

Big Red

f6.4 @1/250sec.  iso 400 70~200 L 2.8  IS ,  50D handheld


f9 @1/400sec.  iso 400 70~200 L 2.8  IS ,  50D handheld