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Red Heron working on lunch


Felis rufus (Bobcat)




Here is a Bobcat kitten from the Lake Texoma area. (Hagerman National Wild Life Refuge)
Got Lucky, they are normally pretty shy. This one sat still until I rolled the window down to shoot its picture. 
I couldn’t believe my eyes, the cat was constantly moving away from me and in the heavy shadow, and focus was a challenge. 

I shot one two weeks ago in a frenzied motion of evasion, the picture was a little blurred, so I went back and did some driving up and down the Oil Jack roads .  
I was told, there were kittens in the 12,000 acre refuge. I was just lucky. I should have bought a lottery ticket .   

I’ve been looking for cats in the wild for a couple years; this is was the shot in the arm I needed to continue.  

I’ve seen a mountain lion in the Big Thicket (at a considerable distance) and one in the reserve of Mineola that is located on the Sabine River . The Sabine River sighting one was closer but man was he quick. It was a tawny brown blur with a long tail headed into the forest.  

This wasn’t a Mountain Lion but it’ll do until one comes along.

Joe Blackburn
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