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Random from my Camera

Red Heron working on lunch


At the Park

Anolis carolinensis or Anole lizard or Texas Red Neck Lizard

This guy was all about running off another lizard from the same plant.

f9.0.  iso 400 70~200 L 2.8  IS ,  50D handheld@1/60 sec

Felis rufus (Bobcat)




Here is a Bobcat kitten from the Lake Texoma area. (Hagerman National Wild Life Refuge)
Got Lucky, they are normally pretty shy. This one sat still until I rolled the window down to shoot its picture. 
I couldn’t believe my eyes, the cat was constantly moving away from me and in the heavy shadow, and focus was a challenge. 

I shot one two weeks ago in a frenzied motion of evasion, the picture was a little blurred, so I went back and did some driving up and down the Oil Jack roads .  
I was told, there were kittens in the 12,000 acre refuge. I was just lucky. I should have bought a lottery ticket .   

I’ve been looking for cats in the wild for a couple years; this is was the shot in the arm I needed to continue.  

I’ve seen a mountain lion in the Big Thicket (at a considerable distance) and one in the reserve of Mineola that is located on the Sabine River . The Sabine River sighting one was closer but man was he quick. It was a tawny brown blur with a long tail headed into the forest.  

This wasn’t a Mountain Lion but it’ll do until one comes along.

Joe Blackburn
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